#0489: The Year-end “Best Of The Stuph File Program” Show

Featuring some of the great guests of 2018 in this “Best-Of” year ender Stuph File Program

Global adventurer, George Kourounis on some of his latest expeditions, including a trip on top of an iceberg.

Phil Keoghan who is the new host of National Geographic Explorer.

Etan Ilfeld, the inventor of Diving Chess, which takes the game of chess into the pool. You can also find out more about this another other adventurous games at msoworld.com.

Brenda Cantrell, the Brand Ambassador for the Unclaimed Baggage Center. They make a living selling off lost baggage and their Alabama facility is one of that State’s top tourist attractions.

Actress Joyce Bulifant, who recently released her memoir entitled, My Four Hollywood Husbands.

Actress Marion Ross, best known as Mrs. C on Happy Days. She’s written her memoir called My Days: Happy and Otherwise.

Sandy Harding is the General Manager of the last remaining Blockbuster Video store in the United States, in Bend, Oregon.

Douglas Bevans, the CEO of Hot Dog Water.

This week’s opening slate is presented by my nephew, Malik Scantlebury, who is also a singer/songwriter, rapper & producer.  You can see the video of his latest single on YouTube.

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