#0422: Andrea Lobel & Mark Shainblum; Robert Crane; & Tony Cutillo

The Stuph File Program

Featuring editors Andrea Lobel & Mark ShainblumRobert Crane, author of Boom! The Baby Boomer Album; & sports expert Tony Cutillo

Editors Andrea Lobel & Mark Shainblum talk about their upcoming book, Other Covenants: Alternative Histories Of The Jewish People.  They are now taking submissions for the short stories the book will contain.  You can send in your submission to this link here.

Robert Crane is the author of Boom! The Baby Boomer Album.

Sports expert Tony Cutillo returns to discuss some of the controversies swirling around the start of the new NFL season.

This week’s opening guest slate is presented by Joan Watson Jones, creator & host of The Jazz Room, part of the CyberStationUSA Jazz Block on Wednesday nights, airing at 10:30-11pm eastern. She’s also a TV host and singer.

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