#0432: Robert J. Hoshowsky; Eugenia Kuzmina; & Stuart Nulman

The Stuph File Program

Featuring Robert J. Hoshowsky, author Outraged: The Murder of Shoeshine Boy, Emanuel Jaques; actress & model, Eugenia Kuzmina; & Stuart Nulman with Book Banter

Robert J. Hoshowsky, author Outraged: The Murder of Shoeshine Boy, Emanuel Jaques, the horrific 1977 sex slaying of shoeshine boy Emanuel Jaques that stunned the nation like no other, which resulted in the largest clean-up of the sex industry in Canadian history.

Actress & model, Eugenia Kuzmina who is featured in a 2018 pictorial calendar that helps to raise money for hurricane relief.  Here are the two sites the proceeds will go to.  The Peace Fund & Fonkoze.

Stuart Nulman with another edition of Book Banter.  This week’s reviewed title is Fifty Years of 60 Minutes: The Inside Story of Television’s Most Influential News Broadcast by Jeff Fager (Simon & Schuster, $47).  You can also read Stuart’s reviews in The Montreal Times.

This week’s opening slate is presented by Joseph Planta, host/editor of TheCommentary.ca

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