#0029: Dr. Saul Miller; Brett Rounsaville; & Steve Walsh

The Stuph File Program

Dr. Saul Miller is a psychologist who has worked with many elite athletes, including Olympians. He gives us a post Olympic look at what the athletes had to strive through. Saul is also the author of the book Performing Under Pressure: Gaining the Mental Edge in Business and Sport.

Brett Rounsaville is looking for work and he got a contest for potential employers who would be worthy of hiring him. It’s all at his website, GreatestEmployeeInTheWorld.com.

Steve Walsh, with another segment of Steve Walsh: Our Man In The Heart Of America Checking The Pulse Of The Nation. Find out what wacky things our Jefferson City, Missouri based correspondent has found in the U.S.

This week’s opening slate is presented by Rob Kemp, afternoon announcer on The Spirit Of Rock CHOM 97.7. Check him out weekdays from 1-4pm and on Twitter @robkempradio.

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