#0036: Dan Kalla; Mark Knudsen; & Steve Walsh

The Stuph File Program

Featuring Dr. Daniel Kalla, author of Of Flesh and Blood; Mark Knudsen, creator of AquaNotes; & Steve Walsh

Dr. Daniel Kalla is an emergency room physician in Vancouver, but the world also knows him as a best selling medical thriller novelist. His latest book is medical based, but is a bit of departure from his previous work. It a sweeping saga about a hospital called Of Flesh and Blood.

Mark Knudsen is the creator of AquaNotes, a note pad that you can write on in the shower when you get those sudden flashes of brilliance. No more worrying about your great ideas going down the drain.

Steve Walsh, with another segment of Steve Walsh: Our Man In The Heart Of America Checking The Pulse Of The Nation. Find out what wacky things our Jefferson City, Missouri based correspondant has found in the U.S.

This week’s opening slate is presented by Carl Blare, the owner/operator of kdxradio.com. which just recently picked up The Stuph File for broadcast. He also hosts his own show called Blare On Air.

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