#0072: Kevin Cook; Lianne Castelino; & Shergul Arshad

The Stuph File Program

Alvin “Titanic” Thompson was a legendary gambler and con man. He is also the subject of an award winning writer. Kevin Cook is the author of Titanic Thompson: The Man Who Bet On Everything.

Lianne Castelino is one of the creators of the website WhereParentsTalk.com. It’s your one-stop site for information on raising your kids.

Shergul Arshad is a major sports fan. He’s also the author of 40 x 40 The Luckiest Sports Fan Alive:: 40 True Sports Adventures Before the Age of 40.

This week’s opening slate is presented by my sister Jennifer, the grandmother of the stars of The Meshach & Malik Christmas Special.

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