#0210: Shanna Pearson; Mary Rolph Lamontagne; & Peter Franklin

The Stuph File Program

Featuring Shanna Pearson, founder & president of One Focus Total Success Inc; Mary Rolph Lamontagne, author of EATS: enjoy all the seconds – 135 Colourful Recipes To Savour & Save; & Peter Franklin, the Gabby Cabby

Boys are diagnosed with ADHD three times more often than girls. But that doesn’t mean that boys have ADHD more than girls. We talk about the misdiagnosis with Shanna Pearson, founder and president of One Focus Total Success Inc, who professionally counsel’s people with ADHD.

Mary Rolph Lamontagne, author of EATS: enjoy all the seconds – 135 Colourful Recipes To Savour & Save, talks about the large amount of food that we throw away, and how we can change that for the better.

Peter Franklin, the Gabby Cabby, shares a slice of The Big Apple from his yellow mobile conveyance lounge.

This week’s opening slate is presented by Michael Lemon, a fan of The Stuph File Program.

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