#0294: Charley Koontz; David Heeley; & Simon Gervais

The Stuph File Program

Featuring actor Charley Koontz of CSI: Cyber; David Heeley, co-author of In the Company of Legends; & Simon Gervais, author of The Thin Black Line: A Mike Walton Thriller

Actor Charley Koontz, is one of the stars of the new CBS hit series, CSI: Cyber.

David Heeley is one half of the producing team that put together film portraits on the lives and careers of many Hollywood legends. And now he and his partner, Joan Kramer, have told their story of dealing with Hollywood’s elite in their book, In the Company of Legends.
(You can find out more information about the book on their Facebook page)

Simon Gervais is a former RCMP officer who worked as an air marshal, counter-surveillance expert and as a body guard to visiting heads of state, such as Queen Elizabeth and Barack Obama. His background has enabled him to write his first book, The Thin Black Line: A Mike Walton Thriller, a political thriller set in Ottawa and Europe.

This week’s opening slate is presented by Kristian Gravenor, author of Montreal: The Unknown City and blogger at Coolopolis..

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