#0319: Daniel Morgan Jones; Letha Marchetti; & Nick Gianoulis

The Stuph File Program

Featuring Daniel Morgan Jones, CEO & founder of The U.K. Church of Jediism; Letha Marchetti, author of Dragons & Daisies: Keys To Resolve Baffling Behaviors In Early Childhood Education; & Nick Gianoulis, creator of The Fun Dept

Daniel Morgan Jones is the CEO and founder of The U.K. Church of Jediism, based in Wales. They have just released a Star Wars themed song entitled Journey Of A Jedi that is available on their site for download.

Letha Marchetti is an educator, neurodevelopmental occupational therapist and the author of Dragons & Daisies: Keys To Resolve Baffling Behaviors In Early Childhood Education. She discusses dealing with the sometimes baffling behaviour of children.

Companies like GoogleZappos and Southwest develop winning workplace cultures with high productivity and profitability. Regardless of the industry, there is a common thread running through the highest performing companies; the inherent or stated culture of fun. Nick Gianoulis created The Fun Dept which specializes in employee engagement, team building and corporate events. He’s also the co-author of Playing it Forward: The Definitive “How To” Model for Creating a Winning Workplace Culture.

This week’s opening slate is presented by Yvette Samuel, niece and medical office assistant at Somerset West Community Health Centre in Ottawa.

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