#0324: Dennis Hof; David Caplan & David Gross; & Larry Swartz

The Stuph File Program

Featuring Dennis Hof, owner of The Moonlite Bunny Ranch; David Caplan & David Gross, co-founders of TwitterAudit; & Larry Swartz, co-author of This Is A Great Book!

Dennis Hof, owner of The Moonlite Bunny Ranch, is back to talk about former NBA star, Lamar Odom, who was found near death in one of Hof’s brothel establishments. With all the media attention that has swirled since the news broke in mid-October, we get to hear Dennis’ side of the story.

David Caplan and David Gross are the co-founders of TwitterAudit, a company that verifies the validity of Twitter followers that any particular account might have, checking to see if the numbers of followers are real or fake.

Larry Swartz is the co-author of “This is a Great Book!” which champions the belief that having a wide range of great books is essential to students becoming readers, both inside the classroom and beyond.

This week’s opening slate is presented by Yorg Theureurkauf, from OrcaSound.com and owner of Orca Sound Hotel.

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