#0334: Anthony Del Col; Pete Trabucco; & Stuart Nulman

The Stuph File Program

Featuring Anthony Del Col, co-creator of Assassin’s Creed; Pete Trabucco, author of America’s Rollercoasters; & Stuart Nulman with Book Banter

Anthony Del Col is back on the program. He’s one of the creators of Kill Shakespeare, a twelve part comic book series featuring Shakespeare’s most famous heroes. They’ve now branched out with a new series out called Assassin’s Creed which dives into the Salem Witch Trials of 1692.

Pete Trabucco is a travel expert and also a bit of a thrill seeker. He’s the author of America’s Top Roller Coasters and Amusement Parks. He’s back on the program with his list of the top amusement parks for 2016.

Stuart Nulman is on with another edition of Book Banter.  This week’s reviewed book is Road Trip Rwanda: A Journey Into the New Heart of Africa written by Will Ferguson, (Viking, $34). You can also read Stuart’s reviews in The Montreal Times

This week’s opening slate is presented by technology analyst & journalist Carmi Levy, Canada’s go-to tech guru, a geek who tracks the telecommunications, web services and social media markets, and frequently speaks to Business News Network, the Canadian Press and others, to make sense of the industry’s latest news and trends. As the CTV Technology Analyst, he regularly contributes his insight to Canada AMCTV News Channel, the CTV National News, and a growing range of Bell Media radio stations. Check out his blog, Written Inc.

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