#0353: Chris Pollack; Kate McCallum & Adam Doolittle; & John Cherrington

The Stuph File Program

Featuring Chris Pollack; Kate McCallum & Adam Doolittle from FullTimeCanada.ca; & John Cherrington, author of Walking to Camelot: A Pilgrimage through the Heart of Rural England

A real life superhero is patrolling the streets of New York City. And now he’s looking for other costumed crusaders to join his real life “Justice League.” Chris Pollack, aka Dark Guardian is the founder of the New York Ronin. It’s a superhero academy that began with a successful GoFundMe campaign back in 2013.

Kate McCallum & Adam Doolittle are former broadcasters who recently got pink-slipped by the radio station they worked at. But their employment misfortune has lead them down a new road, literally. They have a website called FullTimeCanada.ca and they are RVing full time.

John Cherrington is the author of Walking to Camelot: A Pilgrimage through the Heart of Rural England, which chronicles his journey walking a foot path that stretches across all of England.

This week’s opening slate is presented by Wendy Barrett-Stuart a cat rescuer with Cats Manger Rescue. They are having an adoption day on June 4th at the Animalerie Bailey Blu, DDO location in the Blue Haven Shopping Center, 3681 Boul. St. Jean.

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