#0373: Linda S. Godfrey, Yolanda M. Tucker & Stuart Nulman

The Stuph File Program

Featuring Linda S. Godfrey, author of Monsters Among Us talking about the strange creatures of legend that may lurk around us; Yolanda M. Tucker, author of Blessed Beyond Belief on the secrets to unlocking a woman’s mind; and Stuart Nulman with another edition of Book Banter

Linda S. Godfrey is an author and investigator who has written 17 books on strange creatures. Her latest book is Monsters Among Us: An Exploration of Otherworldly Bigfoots, Wolfmen, Portals, Phantoms, and Odd Phenomena.

To many men, the inner workings of a woman’s mind are a complete mystery. Is it a mystery that should be unlocked? Yolanda M. Tucker is a lifestyle strategist and empowerment expert and the author of Blessed Beyond Belief and also Lessons Learned: My Reflection.

Stuart Nulman is in with another edition of Book Banter.  This week’s reviewed book is This Is a Book About the Kids in the Hall written by John Semley, (ECW Press, $19.95).

This week’s opening slate is presented by Carolyn Fe, singer/songwriter for the Carolyn Fe Blues Collective. She has three award winning CD’s and also hosts an online blues radio show.

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