#0467: Dr. John Huber; Tom Winkler; & Mark Kingston Levin

The Stuph File Program

Featuring clinical forensic psychologist, Dr. John Huber; animator Tom Winkler; and Mark Kingston Levin, author of 30th Century: Escape (30th Century Trilogy Book 1)

Clinical Forensic Psychologist, Dr. John Huber, Chairman of Mainstream Mental Health, on why more and more people are making frivolous calls to 911.

Animator Tom Winkler, creator of the online game Whack Your Boss. His latest work is called Silly Swipes: Executive Branch.  You can also find some of his work on YouTube.

Mark Kingston Levin, author of the sci-fi novel, 30th Century: Escape (30th Century Trilogy Book 1). The story involves people from the future coming back into our current time to correct a problem in history.

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