#0477: Mary Winchenbach; Dr. John Huber; & Lee Jenkins

The Stuph File Program

Featuring Mary Winchenbach, creator of Tirdy Works; clinical forensic psychologist, Dr. John Huber; and Lee Jenkins, author of Permission to Forget

Mary Winchenbach, the creator of Tirdy Works. She sells items she makes out of moose droppings.

Clinical Forensic Psychologist, Dr. John Huber, Chairman of Mainstream Mental Health, talks about “Lawnmower Parents” who mow down any obstacles that could get in their child’s way.

Lee Jenkins, author of Permission to Forget says school kids need a new way to learn, which eliminates cramming as a study method.

This week’s opening slate is presented by voice over specialist David Tyler, the voice of CTV News in Canada and other brands worldwide, and he’s hitting the speaker’s circuit, speaking to business owners and corporate heads about his unique approach to crafting meaningful messages that inspire action. You can learn more about it DavidTylerSpeaks.com

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