#0724: Andrew Luciano; Aron Sharpe; & Andrew Fazekas

The Stuph File Program

Andrew Luciano is the Expansion Director for The Lizzie Borden House, the home where, allegedly, Lizzy Borden took an axe and give her father forty whacks back in 1892. The scene of the very famous murder in the 19th Century, can be the site of your visit or even stay at their bed and breakfast. They’re updating the house, but they want to keep the original charm of the dwelling for visitors.

Aron Sharpe is the owner of the resurrected company, Peck & Snyder, who were the original creators of what we now know today as the baseball cap. (Check out this pdf link that has some of the original Peck & Snyder mail order catalogues from the late 1800’s).

Science writer, Andrew FazekasThe Night Sky Guy, author of National Geographic Backyard Guide to the Night Sky and National Geographic’s Stargazer Atlas: The Ultimate Guide To The Night Sky, talks about the search for alien life within our Milky Way galaxy and also the origins of what’s being called the “cosmic hum”.
(Patreon Stuph File Program fans, there is a Patreon Reward Extra where Andrew talks about the galaxy group that blasts out record-breaking tail of hot gas; how long space missions can take a toll on astronaut’s brains; the brightest gamma-ray burst ever seen; & Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, and King Charles working together to protect the Moon).

This week’s guest slate is presented by Brian Deacle, who along with is wife, Liz, are the hosts of the podcast It’s A Drama: A Wife & Husband Podcast.  You may remember that just last week (show #0723) we spoke to Liz, who is the author of The Travel Bog Diaries, and together they travelled the world backpacking with their two teenage kids in tow.

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