#0126: Michael Carrier; Ricky J; & Luna Laboo

The Stuph File Program

Featuring Michael Carrier, author of Innovation For The 21st Century; Ricky J; & Luna Laboo from IsThisYourLuggage.com

What if you were sent to jail for forwarding a YouTube video to a friend? What if Justin Bieber were sent to jail for singing cover songs? What if your favourite web sites were no longer available? We talk Internet copyright laws and intellectual property with Michael Carrier, author of Innovation For The 21st Century.

Singer/rapper Ricky J talks about his music career and his desire to master all aspects of the music business. Listen to YouTube videos of his hits, No Means No and Whatta Night.

So what happens to all that lost luggage that piles up at airports around the globe? We talk to Luna Laboo, a woman in England who runs the website, IsThisYourLuggage.com.

This week’s opening slate is presented by science writer Andrew Fazekas, The Night Sky Guy. Andrew has been nominated for a Shorty Award in Science. That’s an award given out by Twitter. Follow the link to The Shorty Awards and vote for him.

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