#0158: Mark Russinovich; Dan Golden; & Phyllis Diller

The Stuph File Program

Featuring Mark Russinovich, author of Trojan Horse: A Jeff Aiken Novel; telephone collector Dan Golden; & comedienne Phyllis Diller

Mark Russinovich is a highly respected Microsoft Tech Fellow and author of technical non-fiction and fiction books. He’s the author of the cyber thriller, Trojan Horse: A Jeff Aiken Novel.

Dan Golden is a man who knows phones. He runs a phone installation and repair company called Golden Telecom, but beyond that he is also a collector of antique phones.

A retro visit with an entertainer who is no longer with us. A 2004 interview with the late comedienne Phyllis Diller, who passed away this past week at the age of 95.

(You can also watch a YouTube Slide Show version of this interview, along with interviews with other celebrities on my YouTube page).

This week’s opening slate is presented by Stuph File Program fan and culinary student Sam Fisher.

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