#0250: Claude Genest; Dave Fleming; & Peter Franklin

The Stuph File Program

Featuring Claude Genest; Dave Fleming, author of Inside the Cubicle; & Peter Franklin, The Gabby Cabby

Claude Genest has been a successful actor and television host, but he’s also a man who is passionate about the environment and the way we live and treat the Earth. He was the Deputy Leader of Canada’s Green Party from 2006 through 2009 and has developed a model farm and founded a permaculture institute.

While your co-worker’s wedding appears on the surface to be a happy occurrence, it can actually be a huge drag on morale at the office. Dave Fleming is a corporate comedian and marketing expert and the author of Inside the Cubicle.

Peter Franklin, the Gabby Cabby, is in New York to share a slice of the Big Apple from his yellow mobile conveyance lounge. He’s also the author of the book The Gabby Cabby: Life on the Street from New York’s Radio-Active Cabdriver.

This week’s opening slate is presented by Rachel Lau, a reporter at Global News Montreal.

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