#0264: Paul Cardall; Bill Bogart; & Peter Franklin

The Stuph File Program

Featuring actor musician Paul Cardall; Bill Bogart; & Peter Franklin, The Gabby Cabby

Indie artist Paul Cardall has a new album out called Saving Tiny Hearts. The album is one that’s near and dear to Cardall. The heart transplant survivor is donating a dollar from each album to The Saving Tiny Hearts Society.

Can we “nudge” our way to better health? And what is the “nudge” concept anyway? Professor Bill Bogart, an international expert on reducing the harm of risky behaviour, has written about it for The Huffington Post.

Peter Franklin, the Gabby Cabby, is in New York to share a slice of the Big Apple from his yellow mobile conveyance lounge. He’s also the author of the book The Gabby Cabby: Life on the Street from New York’s Radio-Active Cabdriver.

This week’s opening slate is presented by Steve Faguy, copy editor at The Montreal Gazette and also a popular Montreal blogger.

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