#0268: Dennis Palumbo; Laurie Betito; & Florence Calderone Blake

The Stuph File Program

Therapist, author and former screenwriter Dennis Palumbo has a new novel out called Phantom Limb (Daniel Rinaldi Thrillers Book 4). It’s the fourth of a the series of Daniel Rinaldi mysteries.

Dr. Laurie Betito is a clinical psychologist, host of the sex and relationship talk show Passion on CJAD in Montreal and she’s also the author of a new book called The Sex Bible For People Over 50

Florence Calderone Blake has had a harrowing life. A very violent childhood. Her own parents tried to kill her on several occasions. But Florence is here to tell the tale, and she has even written about it. Her autobiography is entitled The Sicilian Nobleman’s Daughter.

This week’s opening slate is presented by graphic artist Alexis Livingston.

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