#0269: Marc Abrahams; Marc-Andre Bernier; & Vincent Hill

The Stuph File Program

Featuring Mark Abrahams from The Ig Nobel Awards; Marc-Andre Bernier from Parks Canada; & Vincent Hill, author of Playbook to a Murder & Incomplete Pass: The Murder of Steve McNair Revisited

Marc Abrahams is the editor of the Annals Of Improbable Research and one of the folks behind the Ig Nobel Awards. He’s on to talk about this year’s prizes.

Marc-Andre Bernier is the Parks Canada expedition leader who was searching for the sunken ships of the Franklin Expedition up in Canada’s Arctic.

Vincent Hill is a former Nashville Police officer and also a fan of the NFL’s Tennessee Titans. He has written two books on the murder of quarterback Steve McNair. Playbook to a Murder and also the follow up, Incomplete Pass: The Murder of Steve McNair Revisited.

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