#0307: Donelle Dadigan; Bob Dorigo Jones; & Barbara Van Orden

The Stuph File Program

Featuring Donelle Dadigan, founder & president of The Hollywood Museum; Bob Dorigo Jones on Wacky Warning Labels; & Barbara Van Orden, co-creator of Senior Star Search

Donelle Dadigan is the founder and president of The Hollywood Museum. She recently purchased and secured the copyrights to hundreds of never before seen rare photos of Marilyn Monroe. They are part of a display at the museum until September 6th.

The nominations for the 2015 Wacky Warning Label Contest are in. Once again we talk to Robert B. Dorigo Jones, president of the Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch, the non-profit group working to raise public awareness of frivolous litigation. You can also hear Bob’s segments, Let’s Be Fair, regularly on this show.

Barbara Van Orden is one of the co-creators of Senior Star Search, a showcase of singers, dancers, comedians and variety acts for talent 55 years and over.

This week’s opening slate is presented by Joseph McKeown, product specialist for Lightspeed Software Company.

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