#0362: Davy Rothbart; Kalliope Barlis; & Nicole Pryor

The Stuph File Program

Featuring Davy Rothbart, creator of Found Magazine; Kalliope Barlis, author of Replay Your Game; & talent agent, Nicole Pryor Dernersesian

Davy Rothbart is a best selling author and a contributor to the hit public radio show, This American Life. He’s also the creator of Found Magazine and the new podcast series of the same name that just started.

Coulrophobia. That’s the fear of clowns. Kalliope Barlis, author of the upcoming book, Replay Your Game, is an expert on releasing phobias.

If you have a talented child, what should you know before you head off to Hollywood? That’s a question for Nicole Pryor Dernersesian, who is a Hollywood agent.

This week’s opening slate is presented by my niece, Stephanie McFarlane.

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