#0370: Tony Hendra; Paul JJ Payack & Stuart Nulman

The Stuph File Program

Featuring National Lampoon producer, Tony Hendra; Paul J.J. Payack of the Global Language Monitor; and Stuart Nulman with another edition of Book Banter

National Lampoon has just released their first original album in more than 35 years entitled Are There Any Triggers Here Tonight? The album was created by key Lampoon veteran, Tony Hendra and the team at The Final Edition Radio Hour.

The 2016 Olympics in Rio have ended. Paul J.J. Payack, spokesperson for Global Language Monitor, is back to talk about the Olympic Ambush Competition. That’s where non-affiliated marketers horn in on the advertising of official sponsors.

Stuart Nulman is in with another edition of Book Banter.  This week’s reviewed book is Making Waves: My Journey to Winning Olympic Gold and Defeating the East German Doping Program by Shirley Babashoff (2016-07-12) written by Shirley Babashoff with Chris Epting, (Santa Monica Press, $32.50. You can also read Stuart’s reviews in The Montreal Times. 

This week’s opening slate is presented by voice actor/musician Thom Bowers who also hosts several podcasts, including The Spoon & Superenthusiast Radio

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