#0381: Neil Gibson; Robb Lucy; & Peter Franklin

The Stuph File Program

Featuring Neil Gibson, founder & editor-in-chief of T Pub ComicsRobb Lucy, author of Legacies Aren’t Just For Dead People; and Peter Franklin, the Gabby Cabby.

Neil Gibson, founder and editor-in-chief of T Pub, the British comic book publisher. They are the driving force behind such titles as Twisted DarkTabathaTortured Life and The World of Chub Chub, just to name a few. They have embarked on a new contest, looking for budding filmmakers. You should also check out their excellent thriller short film on YouTube entitled So Easy.

This holiday season, as families gather around, instead of making small talk, or arguing over politics, how about using the time to share family stories? That’s the suggestion of Robb Lucy, author of Legacies Aren’t Just for Dead People.

Peter Franklin, the Gabby Cabby, is in New York to share a slice of the Big Apple from his yellow mobile conveyance lounge.

This week’s opening slate is presented by Andrew Fazekas, the Night Sky Guy and author of Star Trek The Official Guide to Our Universe: The True Science Behind the Starship Voyages.

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