#0579: Mark Rusin; Nija Okoro; & Edward Willett

#0579: The Stuph File Program

Featuring Mark Rusin, author of Metro: Sin City Chronicles; actress Nija Okoro, star of The Black Emperor Of Broadway: & Edward Willett, author of The Moonlit World

Former Vegas police officer turned author, Mark Rusin, whose upcoming book is called Metro: Sin City Chronicles.  He’s also the author of Justice For Dallas, the story of a quadruple homicide case that he worked on when he was an ATF agent.

Nija Okoro, one of the stars of the upcoming film, The Black Emperor Of Broadway.  It’s the true story of the first Black star on Broadway, who even though he was Black, he still had to perform in blackface.

Edward Willett, author of the fantasy novel, The Moonlit World, the third in a series of books. He’s also the editor of the fantasy anthology featuring a host of award winning writers called Shapers of Worlds, plus he hosts the podcast, The Worldshapers.

This week’s opening slate is presented by Mark Lundbek, Station Manager, CKHR, 107.3 FM, Hay River, Northwest Territories, a proud home of The Stuph Program.

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