#0612: Dr. Dan Kalla; Lainey Morse; & Chris Humphreys

The Stuph File Program

Featuring Dr. Daniel Kalla, author of Lost Immunity; farm owner, Lainey Morse, creator of Goat Yoga; & Chris Humphreys, author of One London Day

Dan Kalla, who writes amazing medical thrillers, is also an ER doctor.  His latest book is a vaccine thriller called Lost Immunity.

Lainey Morse runs a farm in Oregon and is the creator of Goat Yoga. We first met up with her back in 2016 on #0369, so it was time to catch up with her to find out how Goat Yoga has thrived.

Chris Humphreys has long been an actor on stage and screen and he’s also an international selling, award winning novelist with 20 successful titles to his name. His latest thriller is called One London Day.

This week’s opening slate is presented by Sherley Joseph, of the Chonilla Network and the Black Canadian Content Creators Facebook Group.

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