#0635: Richard Kahan; Lauri Schoenfeld; & Andrew Fazekas

The Stuph File Program

Featuring Richard Kahan, producer of Killing Eleanor; Lauri Schoenfeld, author of Little Owl; & science writer Andrew Fazekas, author of National Geographic Backyard Guide to the Night Sky

Richard Kahan is the producer of the indie film, Killing Eleanor, a funny, yet poignant movie with a dark story line and a leading lady who is 80.

Lauri Schoenfeld is the author of Little Owl, a psychological thriller that features a crumbling marriage and daughters that are missing and presumed dead. Lauri is also the host of The Enlightenment Podcast.

Science writer, Andrew FazekasThe Night Sky Guy, author of National Geographic Backyard Guide to the Night Sky, talks about William Shatner’s journey into space via Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin.
(Patreon Stuph File Program fans, there is a Patreon Reward Extra where Andrew and I discuss Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak’s space company to clean up space debris, the three day orbit and return of SpaceX’s Inspiration4 crew, plus you’ve been warned . . . Bennu’s coming!)

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This week’s guest slate is presented by my nephew, Malik Scantlebury, who is a studio producer and a rapper.  You hear a younger version of him each week heralding in the Idiot Of The Day, and you hear him every Christmas with his older brother as part of the annual replaying of The Meshach & Malik Christmas Show.

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