#0131: Darren Kavinoky; Rob Sacchetto; & Stuart Nulman

The Stuph File Program

Featuring attorney Darren Kavinoky, host of Deadly Sins; zombie artist Rob Sacchetto; & Stuart Nulman with Book Banter

Lawyer Darren Kavinoky is the host of a new television show, Deadly Sins, which uses the seven deadly sins as a base for each episode.

Zombie artist Rob Sacchetto can turn even the prettiest prom queen into a creepy bloody zombie. His latest book is Zombiewood Weekly.

Stuart Nulman is on with another edition of Book Banter.  The reviewed book is George Harrison: Living in the Material World by Olivia Harrison, (Abrams, $45). You can also read Stuart’s reviews in The Montreal Times.

This week’s opening slate is presented by Global Montreal News reporter Aalia Adam. Check your local listings for the cable channel. If you have Shaw Satellite, you can find it at channels 330 & 59. On Bell Satellite, it’s channel 234.

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