#0581: Daniel Kalla; Pete Trabucco; & Andrew Fazekas

#0581: The Stuph File Program

Dan Kalla is back to talk about his latest medical thriller, The Last High, which deals with crime and the opioid crisis in Vancouver. (Patreon Stuph File Program fans, there is a Patreon Reward Extra where Dan talks about why he feels that governments should legalize opioids). 

Travel expert, Pete Trabucco, author of A Personal Guide to the Best Thrill Rides and Amusement/Water Parks, on how and when travel can get back to normal in a post Covid world

Science writer, Andrew FazekasThe Night Sky Guy, talks about gas on Venus and also how we missed not one, but two asteroids coming our way. 

This week’s opening slate is presented by Tom Gliserman, who is a director & visual storyteller.  He’s also someone I went to college with back in the day at Dawson College.

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