#0593: The Year-end “Best Of The Stuph File Program” Show

The Stuph File Program

Featuring some of the great guests of 2020 in this “Best-Of” year ender Stuph File Program

Actress Donna Mills, best known for her role as Abby Cunningham on Knots Landing.  She also owns a winery in California called Mandeville Vineyards. (First heard on Stuph File Program #0556)

Investigative journalist, Ivor Davis, author of Manson Exposed: A Reporter’s 50-Year Journey into Madness and Murder and also The Beatles and Me On Tour, is back talking about The Beatles, Elvis, Manson, and being a witness to the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy.  (First heard on Stuph File Program #0575)

Actress Alison Arngrim, best known for playing Nellie Oleson on Little House On The Prairie, has been reading chapters of the original Little House books every day live on Facebook. You can also check out the site SpinCycleNYC.com to find out more about the upcoming digital version of her acclaimed show, Confessions Of A Prairie Terror. (First heard on Stuph File Program #0558)

Paul Derham is the operator of Ghost Cruise Tours.  He takes passengers on a ferry around the anchored cruise ships off the English Coast that have all ceased operations due to the pandemic. (First heard on Stuph File Program #0578)

We remember Broadway legend Jerry Herman who composed many smash hits, such as Hello DollyMame and La Cage aux Folles, just to name a few.  He passed away on Boxing Day of 2019 at the age of 88. We feature part of an interview from October 2001. (First heard on Stuph File Program #0543)

We remember the late Lyle Waggoner, best known from the TV shows, The Carol Burnett Show and Wonder Woman, who passed away this week at the age of 84, with part of an interview done in 1999. (First heard on Stuph File Program #0553)

We remember actress Naya Rivera from Glee, who sadly passed away in a drowning accident last week. We feature a Stuph File Program chat from October 2009. (First heard on Stuph File Program #0570)

We remember the phenomenal actress, Conchata Ferrell, who recently passed away.  She was best known for playing Berta on Two & A Half Men.  (First heard on Stuph File Program #0583)

Kevin Beresford the founder of The Roundabout Appreciation Society.  He takes pictures and sells calendars of roundabouts in the UK. (First heard on Stuph File Program #0582)

Geert Weggen, who spends his time in Sweden humorously photographing squirrels, from which he has published several books and many calendars.  Check out his YouTube page and smile! (First heard on Stuph File Program #0543)

Magician Walt Noon who also operates a flea circus. (First heard on Stuph File Program #0546)

Cordelia Oxley, founder of The Book Fairies, who leave books for total strangers to find.(First heard on Stuph File Program #0574)

This week’s opening slate is presented by science writer Andrew Fazekas, author of National Geographic Backyard Guide to the Night Sky.

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