#0594: Dawn Wells; Shawn Peterson; & David Rich

The Stuph File Program

Featuring actress Dawn Wells from Gilligan’s Island; Pez Candy Company historian, Shawn Peterson, author of PEZ: From Austrian Invention to American Icon; & David Rich, author of The Mirrored Palace: A Historical Novel

We remember actress Dawn Wells, of Gilligan’s Island fame, who recently passed away from Covid-19, with part of a conversation we had back in 2001.
(Patreon Stuph File patrons can hear the full conversation by following this Patreon link. Also, you can listen to a more recent conversation with Dawn from December 2012 on show #0172).

Shawn Peterson is the Pez Candy Company historian and the author of the book PEZ: From Austrian Invention to American Icon. As a Pez collector he actually went to the company and created his own job.

David Rich is the author of The Mirrored Palace: A Historical Novel. A spy story that features the real life character of explorer and author Richard Francis Burton.

This week’s guest slate is presented by Ernie Smith from the great newsletter Tedium, which has just celebrated its 6th year anniversary. Ernie has been a guest several times on this show and his newsletter is a great bi-weekly read.

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