#0645: The Year-end “Best Of The Stuph File Program” Show

The Stuph File Program

Featuring some of the great guests of 2021 in this “Best-Of” year ender Stuph File Program

Shawn Peterson is the Pez Candy Company historian and the author of the book PEZ: From Austrian Invention to American Icon. As a Pez collector he actually went to the company and created his own job. (First heard on Stuph File Program #0594.)

Shane Rhinewald is the Senior Director of Public Relations for the innovative and fun Museum Of Play in Rochester, New York. (First heard on Stuph File Program #0632).

Phil Sklar, the co-founder & CEO of The National Bobblehead Hall Of Fame & Museum.  They have turned Senator Bernie Sanders’ look at the recent Presidential Inauguration into a best selling bobblehead.

Gary Feng is the Guinness World Record holder for the largest collection of soft drink cans of the same brand.  He has over 11,000 Coca-Cola cans. (First heard on Stuph File Program #0636).

We remember Oscar and multiple Emmy winning actress, Cloris Leachman, who died on January 26th at the age of 94, by featuring part of a conversation we had which ironically, was live on the radio, 16 years to the day before her death. A conversation from January 26, 2005. We also talked about her ex-husband, George Englund‘s book, The Way It’s Never Been Done Before: My Friendship with Marlon Brando. (Patreon Stuph File Program fans, there is a Patreon Reward Extra featuring almost 40 minutes of this same conversation from 2005 with more details and interaction with the audience). (First heard on Stuph File Program #0598).

We remember actor Gavin MacLeod, who passed away at the age of 90.  He was a star on two long running television shows, The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Love Boat. We feature part of a conversation from 1994, when he dropped by our studios. (First heard on Stuph File Program #0615).

We remember seven-time Emmy-winning actor Ed Asner, who starred as Lou Grant on both the classic sitcom, The Mary Tyler Moore Show and the hourlong drama Lou Grant. Asner died at the end of August at the age of 91. We feature part of a conversation with him from 1995. (First heard on Stuph File Program #0629).

Legendary classically trained actor, Christopher Plummer, the oldest living actor to ever win an Oscar, has died at 91. The Oscar, Tony & Emmy winner was the pride of his hometown of Montreal, Canada. We remember him with part of a conversation we had with him from June 18, 1993. (First heard on Stuph File Program #0599).

My favourite novelist, Peter James is back with his 17th Detective Superintendent Roy Grace novel.  This one is called Left You Dead.  (First heard on Stuph File Program #0640).

Dean Jobb is the author of the true crime novel about a 19th Century serial killer called, The Case of the Murderous Dr. Cream: The Hunt for a Victorian Era Serial Killer.  (First heard on Stuph File Program #0622).

Ross Hall, who operates Dying Art in New Zealand, a company that custom builds colourful coffins that are extremely creative. (First heard on Stuph File Program #0611).

This week’s guest slate is presented by Montreal burlesque dancer, Velma Candyass.

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