#0749: The Year-End “Best Of The Stuph File Program” Show

The Stuph File Program

Featuring some of the great guests of 2023 in this “Best-Of” year ender Stuph File Program

Melisa Schonfield, author of Bitter or Better: The Melisa Schonfield Story, which chronicles the story of how she spent three years in jail for trying to hire a hitman to kill the abusive boyfriend of her daughter and his son. (First heard on Stuph File Program #0700. Also heard on Audea under the title Melisa Schonfield – Jailed For Hiring A Hitman).

Markus Pukonen spent the last eight years travelling around the globe, but he did it without a plane, train or automobile. In fact, he made the trek without involving anything that had a motor. He even avoided elevators. (First heard on Stuph File Program #0727. Also heard on Audea under the title Markus Pukonen – Travelling The Globe Without A Motor).

Dennis Palumbo, one of my favourite mystery writers, is also a psychotherapist. He talks about how his profession is depicted in film & television. He wrote an essay for Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine about this topic entitled Your Shrinks Might Need To Be Shrunk. He was also the Consulting Producer on the recent Hulu series, The Patient, which is about a therapist held hostage by a serial killer hoping to be cured of his homicidal tendencies. His thriller series contains six Dr. Daniel Rinaldi novels, with the latest one being Panic Attack. (First heard on Stuph File Program #0713. Also heard on Audea under the title Dennis Palumbo – How Therapists Are Depicted In Film & Television).

Julian Sher, author of The North Star: Canada And The Civil War Plots Against Lincoln. (First heard on Stuph File Program #0715. Also heard on Audea under the title Julian Sher – The North Star).

Liz Deacle, author of The Travel Bog Diaries, whose family uprooted themselves to live in New Zealand, then later decided to travel around the world backpacking with her husband and teenage children. She’s also co-hosts the podcast, It’s A Drama: A Wife & Husband Podcast; plus she’s a YouTuber, entrepreneur and professional storyteller. (First heard on Stuph File Program #0723. Also heard on Audea under the title Liz Deacle – The Travel Bog Diaries).

Gothic horror novelist, Jennifer Anne Gordon is back with her latest book that is a collection of stories called, The Japanese Box And Other Stories. She’s also the co-host of a podcast that features discussions with other authors called Vox Vomitus. (First heard on Stuph File Program #0732. Also heard on Audea under the title Jennifer Anne Gordon – The Japanese Box).

Christopher Bouzy is a tech entrepreneur who is the creator of the new social media platform called Spoutible. (You can also find me on Spoutible as paholder) (First heard on Stuph File Program #0739. Also heard on Audea under the title Christopher Bouzy – Spoutible).

Doogie Lish Sandtiger is a collector.  He’s also known as the King of Crocs because he has over 2,100 pairs of the colourful shoes. (First heard on Stuph File Program #0714. Also heard on Audea under the title Doogie Lish Sandtiger – King Of Crocs).

Fashion model Paul Mason, better known as Fashion Santa.  He started Fashion Santa back in the middle of the last decade as a way to help raise funds for worthy causes, such as Save A Child’s Heart. (First heard on Stuph File Program #0725. Also heard on Audea under the title Paul Mason – Fashion Santa).

Rebecca Whitlinger is one of those rare women who not only got to wear her bridesmaid dress more than once, she’s worn it in many different circumstances and in many parts of the world, ever since she first wore it just six months after the wedding, back in 1988. (First heard on Stuph File Program #0736. Also heard on Audea under the title Rebecca Whitlinger – The Bridesmaid Dress That Has Seen The World).

This week’s guest slate is presented by Don Deschamp, a long time listener of The Stuph File Program.

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